Queen's Printer - The Yukon Gazette

On this site you can find all of the different types of announcements you are used to seeing in the paper version of The Yukon Gazette.

This Internet version of The Yukon Gazette combines what is published separately in paper format as Parts I and II. It includes corporate notices, Change of Name Notices, general public notices required by law, Management Board Directives, Orders-In-Council Appointments and Proclamations (Part I). It also includes Regulations, Orders-In-Council pursuant to Yukon Statutes, and other Ministerial or Legislative Orders (Part II).

The Internet version consists of complete PDF copies of the Gazette from January 2000 to present, and a separate searchable database from January 2004 to present. Version 1.1 featured a new database "back end" for improved stability, a few other improvements for improved search and display speed, plus minor page layout changes for improved readability and usability. Version 1.2 featured more responsive list navigation and additional display speed improvements. Version 1.3 features a revised layout based on new YTG website standards. Version 1.3.1 includes more speed enhancements and bug fixes. Version 1.4 includes bilingual support.

The Yukon Gazette is a publication of the Government of the Yukon. The official version of The Yukon Gazette is the paper version. This site is maintained by the Queen's Printer, Supply Services Branch, Government of the Yukon.

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