Queen's Printer - The Yukon Gazette

Help for Gazette Search:

"Search Gazette" searches a database that contains the contents of Gazette notices starting from January 2005. For Gazette notices prior to 2005, you must consult the PDF copies.

To search the Gazette database for one or more words, type the words into the box, select the year(s) to search in the drop-down list, and then click the "GO" button immediately to the right of the search text. Words should be separated by spaces only; do not use commas, semi-colons, or enclose the words in quotation marks or apostrophes (although a word may contain an apostrophe, and an Exact Phrase may contain quotation marks).

The search engine will find notices that contain ALL of the words, anywhere within a notice, that you enter into the search box. The order of the words does not matter, unless you click the checkbox for "Exact Phrase".

Clicking "Exact Phrase" will return only notices that contain the words exactly as entered into the search box, in the order entered, and with the spacing that you have entered.

For more flexible searching, such as searching in only certain fields (e.g. Corporate Names), or for searches containing ANY of several words, or WITHOUT specific words, please try the Advanced Search.

Note that the Gazette database does not contain all of the labels, headers and similar text that is contained in the published copy of the Gazette. Thus, when searching for a corporation by its access number, you should NOT enter the words "Corporate Access Number" into the search box. Because only the number, and not the label, is stored in the database, entering these label words would likely result in no notices being found. Instead, you should enter only the number itself.

To assist new users, the search engine has been programmed to ignore a few of these "labels", and not include them in its search, UNLESS the "Exact Phrase" checkbox is set. Specifically, the following words (spelled as below, but either upper- or lower-case) are ignored when entered into the search box:


For example, to search for Ministerial Order 2004/12, you should enter just the number, "2004/12" into the search box. However, if you entered "MO 2004/12" (or "mo 2004/12"), the search will ignore the acronym "MO", and will search the database for "2004/12". This will result in a successful search for the Ministerial Order with number 2004/12. But, if you also clicked the "Exact Phrase" checkbox, then the database would be searched for the phrase exactly as entered, and would NOT likely return any notices.

For more assistance in searching the database, please contact the Queen's Printer staff at the phone number or e-mail address given in the Contact Us page.